Mar 02, 2018
Frank Garafola
Growing Membership Options In Rotary

Frank Garafola was born in July 1944, at the height of the Second World War as the Battle of Normandy turned the tide in favor of the Allies. Growing up in the Empire State of New York, he pursued and earned his Bachelor of Science in Geology from State University of New York at Stony Brook.


The call to serve modern society drew Frank south to Texas in 1980, where he launched his career in the oil & gas industry as a geophysicist.  Working for companies like Schlumberger and CGG, an integrated geoscience company, Frank focused on seismic acquisition & processing, working to fuel America’s thirst for energy from both onshore and offshore hydrocarbon fields. This included formations in waters off the Gulf of Mexico and under dusty, dry stretches of the Lone Star State such as the Permian Basin. After 34 years of staring at rocks and rock formations, Frank decided to pursue the life of leisure in 2014 when he retired from all that hard work.


He and his wife Ellen crossed paths 43 years ago in 1975, and became inseparable. In addition to raising two sons and a daughter, they shared a passion for travel and photography until Ellen passed away a year ago.


Frank is dedicated to community service helping out organizations like Family Hope, and joining our Rotary Club last August.  One of the areas he’s interested in is growing membership, and his talk this morning is on the options and flexibility that Rotary Clubs today have to offer.